Signs of Roofing Damage

Signs of Roofing Damage

As a roof starts to age, you may find you have one or more of the following common signs of roofing damage. This may mean it is time to start the process of finding a local qualified roofer like Atlanta Roofing Guide.

Signs of roofing damage

Ceiling Spots Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by leaks in roof
  • Check attic or crawlspace for leaks in deck
  • Check chimney and vents for cracks in flashing
  • Check rafters for leaks that travel away from original source
  • Check roof for damaged shingles

Damaged Flashing Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by improper installation
  • Signs of Roofing Damage Caused by drying and cracking
  • Can usually be repaired without replacing roof

Missing Shingles Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by improper fastening
  • Caused by exposure to high winds
  • Can usually be replaced individually

Buckling & Curling Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by improperly applied felt (buckling)
  • Caused by movement in deck (buckling)
  • Caused by undersaturation of felt in organic-based shingles (curling)

Blistering Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by moisture in shingles
  • Caused by excessive use of asphalt plastic cement

Algae Growth Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by growth of airborne algae deposited on roof
  • Unsightly appearance does not affect the service life of the material
  • Common problem in warm, humid climates
  • Algae resistant shingles available regionally

Missing Granules Signs of roofing damage

  • On newly applied shingles, a certain number of loose granules is normal
  • On aging shingles, missing granules indicate need for replacement

Rotting Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by absorption of moisture by mat at the core of the shingle
  • Common problem with organic-based shingles

 More Signs of Roofing Damage

Signs of roofing damage

Roof damage and possible leakage due to satellite mount.


Signs of roofing damage




Architectural shingles
slipping due to improper nail placement, allowing leakage.


Signs of roofing damage

Shingle damage caused by installation of gutter leaf guard.


Signs of roofing damage Metal ridge vent, susceptible to lifting off of ridge by wind gusts, permitting leaks.



Signs of roofing damage Gutter improperly installed, permitting water to flow over and damage shingles.


Signs of roofing damage Chimney without cricket or saddle (wood-framed structure that diverts water away and prevents debris and water collection).



Signs of roofing damage

Deteriorating plumbing boot



Signs of roofing damage

Tree branches touching shingle surfaces; permitting abrading of granules from shingle material and allowing deterioration.


Signs of roofing damage Deteriorating heat vent


Signs of roofing damage Hail damage on roof vent.

Signs of Roofing Damage

All of these common signs of roofing damage ca be prevented







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