Roofing Hail Damage

Roofing Hail Damage

Roofing Hail Damage

When the weather gets warm, it is ironic that one of the biggest dangers to your home is ice and roofing hail damage. Roofing hail damage is very common during the summer months when major thunderstorms are common. The worse the storm, the bigger the hail and the more severe the damage will be.

A single hail stone could put a decent sized hole in the roof of any home. When thousands and thousands of fist-sized hail stones batter a house, the damage can be particularly dire.

Roofing Hail Damage and Insurance Claims

Luckily, most insurance companies in the Atlanta area are used to this type of hail damage. When you make a roofing hail damage insurance claim to your local adjuster, chances are they’ll be able to help you find an Atlanta roofing specialist who can help you fix your roof and get back to the way life used to be.

Depending on the extent of the hail damage, the entire roof may need to be replaced. It is always worth it to get a thorough inspection of a damaged roof, but don’t hesitate too long before hiring a contractor to begin repairs.

The longer you wait, the greater the damage from water or local wildlife could be. An exposed roof is also an exposed home, so don’t let your family be threatened by the elements due to a damaged roof.

Light hail damage often knocks shingles loose or shatters brittle materials. For these cases, simple repairs can be preformed. A roofing specialist will be able to quickly and efficiently get the job done. The simpler the job, the less time it will take to complete. Be sure to get an estimate on how long the roofer will take.

If the job is particularly big, try and get a contract stipulating an end date for the project put into writing. It could save you frustration further down the road and is generally considered a wise decision regardless.

When the skies open it up and bring difficulties, don’t panic. Roofing hail damage can be a major issue, but by hiring a skilled roofer you can minimize the damage and return to your normal routine.

Roofing Hail Damage and Roof Replacement

It can even be the perfect excuse to replace a roof you have been neglecting for months or years. Be prepared and don’t get in touch with an Atlanta roofer right away and you’ll have no problem dealing with roofing hail damage.

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