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Atlanta Roofing Services by Atlanta Roofing Guide

Tweet Home owners in the Atlanta area are often subject to the whims of nature. Heavy winds, storms, hurricanes, and even tornadoes can cause serious damage to local homes. If you’ve suffered environmental damage to your roof, it is vital … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Anyone Ready to Do an Atlanta Roofing Project

Tweet IMPORTANT INFORMATION for anyone ready to do a roofing project. Decking Decking, which is the sheathing under the roof, is commonly made of plywood or O.S.B. oriented strand board.  Water leaking through a roof may cause the decking to … Continue reading

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File Your Insurance Claim

Tweet File Your Property Claim If you need to file your property claim you can do it online by clicking on the links that corresponds with your insurance company or contact by corresponding phone number. We will work with ALL … Continue reading

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What to Look for When Hiring Atlanta Roofing Specialists

Tweet Atlanta Roofing Specialists   Atlanta roofing specialists run the gamut of companies that have been in business for decades to individuals who offer their services to homeowners around the city. Before you blindly hire someone to repair or replace … Continue reading

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Ask Your Atlanta Roofing Contractor What Materials He Recommends

Tweet Atlanta Roofing Contractor Before you hire an Atlanta roofing contractor, ask him what type of materials he feels most comfortable working with – and evaluate the pros and cons of all types of roofs. You can get some basic … Continue reading

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What Some Atlanta Roofing Companies Hope You Don’t Know

Tweet Atlanta Roofing Companies There are many Atlanta roofing companies and you have to sort through a bunch of questions and promises to find out which ones will go the extra mile for you and do a good job. Here … Continue reading

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A Consumer’s Guide to Atlanta Roofing

Tweet Atlanta Roofing A homeowner living in Georgia may have different reasons for looking up Atlanta roofing information than his or her neighbors. Some people know it’s time for a new roof, so they plan ahead. Others call an Atlanta … Continue reading

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Main Causes of Atlanta Roofing Problems

Tweet Factors That Affect Roofs • Sun delivers a combination of ultraviolet rays and heat can prematurely age a roof. • Snow or ice that melts and refreezes (called ice damming) pushes up the roofing material and causes leaks. Ice … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Different Atlanta Roofing Types

Tweet When Atlanta roofing contractors start talking about roofing problems, the first thing we need to know about is the types of roofs prevailing in the market and the pros and cons of each roof type. Roofing is constantly exposed … Continue reading

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Roofing Terminology

Tweet A Absorption: The act or process of retaining foreign particles such as gas or liquid without transmission of these particles. Active: Will corrode in the presence of moisture or a “noble” metal. Adhere: The clinging of one surface to … Continue reading

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