Ask Your Atlanta Roofing Contractor What Materials He Recommends

Atlanta Roofing Contractor

Before you hire an Atlanta roofing contractor, ask him what type of materials he feels most comfortable working with – and evaluate the pros and cons of all types of roofs. You can get some basic information here, but it’s important to make sure your roofing job suits your personal budget and needs.

Asphalt shingles are perhaps the most common material used in basic Atlanta roofing repair jobs. Homeowners need to replace a few worn out shingles whenever there’s a storm and hail hits or they get worn down to where water leaks inside the home. They’re the cheapest material to work with and many are very durable, too – lasting upwards of 30 years.

Another material the Atlanta roofing company may use is wood shingles (or shakes). These are very popular now and they last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. An extra perk is the added insulation they offer to the homeowner. They are more expensive, though – so make sure they’re within your budget.

Some Atlanta roofing specialists like to promote the use of metal roofing materials, such as steel, copper or aluminum. You can get ones that actually look like a form of wood and they come in a wide array of colors. They’re extra durable (over 50 years for some) and perform well in areas that endure hurricanes and other storms.

One trend that’s been growing is the request for Atlanta roofing companies to install tile roofing material on a home. These are made of concrete or clay and fit well with a Mediterranean or Spanish look, and they are pricey. They’re a perfect fit for homeowners who live in areas where fires are an issue because they’re not flammable but they are fragile, so don’t use in hail prone areas.

More and more of the Atlanta roofing contractor professionals are gaining experience with slate roofs now. They offer a beautiful appeal aesthetically to the home, are fireproof, and last a lifetime.

But they’re going to cut into your budget quite a bit. You definitely want to make sure the contractor has ample experience installing this type of roof before you hand over a job to just anyone.

Atlanta roofing repair jobs run the gamut between small shingle replacements and entire roof replacements. Find someone with experience in the materials you want to work with and don’t let them strong-arm you into using a lesser material just because that’s what they’re familiar with.

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