What Some Atlanta Roofing Companies Hope You Don’t Know

Atlanta Roofing Companies

There are many Atlanta roofing companies and you have to sort through a bunch of questions and promises to find out which ones will go the extra mile for you and do a good job. Here are some things they don’t want you to know – so arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll have a better overall experience.

The first thing some Atlanta roofing businesses don’t want you to know is that many of them have very similar names. You don’t want to hear a commercial for Triple A Roofing and then hire AAA Roofing thinking they’re one in the same, when technically the names are different. Double check to make sure you’re hiring who you think you’re hiring.

A few unethical Atlanta roofing specialists hope you aren’t aware of the fact that you shouldn’t be paying a penny until the job is done and you’ve approved of it. If someone asks you for money upfront (even for materials), beware.

It’s okay (and even smart) to get several competing bids. A good Atlanta roofing contractor won’t be offended if you tell them you’re getting a few bids. Each one should provide detailed estimates.

You can’t go off price alone, though – someone may not provide the craftsmanship that a more expensive company provides, and quality counts. Your bid should include what happens with customer satisfaction, what dates (weather related delays excluded) the job will be started and finished, and how the payment will be handled.

It’s been discovered that Atlanta roofing companies sometimes quote you a price on one set of materials, and then secretly use a cheaper version. Double check to ensure that you’re getting the materials you’ve paid for.

Not every Atlanta roofing company knows how to do both residential and commercial roofing jobs. Depending on which type of service you need, make sure they’ve done that type of job and ask for references so you can call (and even drive by to check) the workmanship.

With some Atlanta roofing repair jobs, a warranty can be deemed null and void. Make sure you read the fine print – so that you know what could happen with your project. Ask to see the insurance – and then call to find out if those Atlanta roofing companies have active insurance (and not just a card that expired long ago). And double check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they’re in good standing. If not, try to find someone who is.

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