A Consumer’s Guide to Atlanta Roofing

Atlanta Roofing

Atlanta RoofingA homeowner living in Georgia may have different reasons for looking up Atlanta roofing information than his or her neighbors. Some people know it’s time for a new roof, so they plan ahead. Others call an Atlanta roofing contractor when a leak springs and it’s during the rainy season.

The main thing you want to be careful about is that you hire someone reputable for your Atlanta roofing repair job. There have been many unsuspecting individuals or couples who had their hard earned money taken for a roofing job that was either never completed or never started.

The true Atlanta roofing specialists will always have references that you can check. Don’t just ask for a list of previous customers. Actually call and verify that the jobs were completed professionally and within budget.

You also want to make sure that the roofing company is insured (call to verify that their card is an active account). You want them to be insured because if they aren’t, and they damage your home, you might have to pay for even more repairs.

And check to make sure that they have a stellar record with the Better Business Bureau. If they get nervous about you asking the tough questions in the beginning, then it might be a warning sign that they aren’t the right roofing company for you.

There are many scams you have to be aware of when it comes to Atlanta roofing projects. For example, the contractor might sell you one thing and then go and use cheaper materials than what you paid for. Always inspect everything to make sure you get your money’s worth.

When it comes to cost, you need to get a firm estimate for the project before you sign on with any Atlanta roofing companies. Ask for every detail to be spelled out – because you don’t want any hidden costs creeping up at the end of the project that blindside you.

The details should also include what the company’s policies are about warranties for not only the materials, but the workmanship of the roofing repair or replacement job, as well. And get a timeframe for when they plan to complete the job.

Choose some Atlanta roofing specialists who can help you decide which is the best roofing material for your home and that will suit your budget. Some roofing materials have perks that go with them.

For example, you might be able to get a $1,500 tax credit depending on what type of roof repair or replacement you have done. Tax credits are being given to homes that work to enhance their energy efficiency.

Any good Atlanta roofing contractor will be able to tell you if your roof is repairable or if it’s in need of a complete replacement. If the roof is less than 15 years old, chances are good that they might be able to stave off a complete replacement for awhile longer. But if it’s badly beaten from the weather, a repair job may not be enough.

When you start searching around to get quotes from Atlanta roofing specialists, see if there’s any way they can cut costs for you. For example, many roofers will allow you to handle the clean up of the debris yourself – it saves them time, and saves you money!

The Atlanta roofing companies competing for your business will all schedule a free price quote session where they come out, inspect the current roof, measure and give you a firm bid.

You want all of the specifications to be the exact same for all of your bids. In other words, don’t let them offer bids for different materials – tell them what you want and then get bids. Do your homework beforehand. That way you can glance at cost and see who beats the competition.

Find out if the new roof (if that’s what you’re having done) is going to completely replace the old roof, or if it’s just going to be placed over the old roof. Some companies charge more to remove the old roof.

You have to nail down the details of roof removal with your workers, too. Some will toss the old shingles down and leave piles of debris on your property. Others will gather up debris but not gather the dozens of nails that fall into your yard. You want all of this spelled out in the contract before work begins.

If you’ve decided to have an Atlanta roofing company work on your rooftop, see if they have experience with whatever materials you’re working with. Some have experience with common materials like shingles, but aren’t familiar with slate, for example.

If the Atlanta roofing company you’re in talks with needs you to pay for roofing materials up front, be wary. Don’t hand over a blank check. Instead, buy the roofing materials yourself and have them on hand to be used when the roofers arrive to begin work.

Most reputable companies won’t ask for a down payment or deposit because they have plenty of work to be able to buy their own materials. If they need money ahead of time, it could be because they don’t have enough work (and experience) or it’s a scam.

Tell the roofing company representative that full payment will be made once the roof inspector of your choosing has approved the work that they did. Not all Atlanta roofing companies are up to date with specific licenses or certificates, so you have to be very careful and do your due diligence beforehand.

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How to Choose the Best -Atlanta Roofing Contractor

atlanta roofing contractor





How to Choose the Best –                                  Atlanta Roofing Contractor

In each and every industry word-of-mouth recommendations are frequently the best way of drumming up start up business, and in the field of Atlanta roofing contractors , it isn’t any different! If you’re looking for a great residential or commercial roofing contractor or perhaps an Atlanta roofing specialist then consider asking your friends and co-workers for recommendations for the best in roof repair companies and Atlanta roofing.

The local home improvement center might end up being a great candidate for finding qualified Atlanta roofing contractors as well. For instance, the Home Depot isn’t just an excellent roofing contractor supply store, it can provide you with some good referrals for finding that best Atlanta roofing contractor!

Consider getting in touch with the Atlanta roofing association to help you locate seasoned professional Atlanta roofing companies.  You will find a number of ways to perform  research of the Atlanta roofing contractors in your area. Whether yours are commercial roofing contractors, industrial roofing contractors, or residential roofing contractors – you need to verify that all are registered using the National Roofing Contractors Association. The National Roofing Contractors Association is undoubtedly the biggest association within the roofing trade by choosing only roofing companies who’re part of these associations you are able to be assured that the roofing companies are top quality experts who will complete the job for you personally in the best manner possible.

Atlanta Roofing Contractors – Questions

When you’re researching your atlanta roofing contractor options , consider asking your candidates if they’re  licensed Atlanta roofing contractors request to determine as well and make sure that you verify their roofing contractors insurance coverage is valid. Not all states will need roofing companies to become trained and licensed, so make sure to verify that the  Atlanta roofing contractor can offer evidence of any certifications they hold.

In your pursuit to find a quality Atlanta roofing contractor to suit your needs, consider asking your candidates to inform you of their past roofing portfolio to ensure that you can observe the kind of tile work they’ve done previously.  Licensed Atlanta roofing contractors, also, should have the ability to supply you with a copy of their qualifications.

Before choosing a Atlanta roofing contractor within  Georgia, ensure that you seek advice from their status from the Better Business Bureau’s website. You will find that there is good information available to help you determine the best Atlanta Roofing Contractor for your home or business..

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Discover How You Can Hire A Quality Roofing Contractor

Discover How You Can Hire A Quality Roofing Contractor

roofing contractor

Whenever you’ll require a professional roofing contractor, the initial step is finding a professional roofing contractor who’s qualified to complete the job at your home or business.  For your own personal satisfaction, we’ll discuss strategies for employing a quality roofing contractor. While you interview each professional, you should  be ready to request references from their past roofing jobs.  After gathering the data from each roofing contractor,  at that time you choose which is the best for the task.

The most crucial question is always to request if the roofing contractor is licensed in the state that you reside. You are able to use the internet to find out the necessary information. Anybody who’s licensed in almost any area is going to be listed there. You are able to perform a simple license search, it will likewise say if the roofing contractor has ever endured any complaints against them.

This can be a requirement of most companies. Plus you realize when they break something on or in your house while focusing on it that’ll be included in their insurance provider. A lot of companies select a liability policy to safeguard themselves along with the homeowner.

Make certain that there’s an itemized contract between you and your roofing contractor. It will list all of the the agreement including such things as who covers the cost for the materials, the number of days the job will require and just how much it’ll cost you the homeowner. It will likely say if there’s a contractor or manufacture warranty, and just how long it lasts. The terms ought to be very specific.

You may request for recommendations from former clients or at best a portfolio of images of his projects with the dates. You will notice that some roofing contractors are proud of their work so that they naturally would share pictures along with you. Others will balk at this idea, but don’t discount the roofing contractor just due to that. Also look into the BBB to ascertain if he’s listed.

Prior to beginning the work,  it is perfectly normal for the roofing contractor to request for a 20 percent down payment for the roofing project, any in addition to that could be greater than normal. This amount should to be plainly mentioned inside your contract. Make certain that you simply keep a wide open communication with the roofing contractor and his roofing crew . Request that the roofing contractor help you stay up to date with the way the job is going and if he’s adhering to the time schedule.

Now that you’ve  received strategies for employing a professional roofing contractor you’ll be well informed when the time comes to repair your homes roof. Remember the most crucial factors to determine and request is make sure the roofing contractor is currently licensed and can provide you list of happy satisfied past customers.  Make certain the contract terms are typed out  specifically so there’s not a misunderstanding, between you and your roofing contractor.

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Roofing Hail Damage

Roofing Hail Damage

Roofing Hail Damage

When the weather gets warm, it is ironic that one of the biggest dangers to your home is ice and roofing hail damage. Roofing hail damage is very common during the summer months when major thunderstorms are common. The worse the storm, the bigger the hail and the more severe the damage will be.

A single hail stone could put a decent sized hole in the roof of any home. When thousands and thousands of fist-sized hail stones batter a house, the damage can be particularly dire.

Roofing Hail Damage and Insurance Claims

Luckily, most insurance companies in the Atlanta area are used to this type of hail damage. When you make a roofing hail damage insurance claim to your local adjuster, chances are they’ll be able to help you find an Atlanta roofing specialist who can help you fix your roof and get back to the way life used to be.

Depending on the extent of the hail damage, the entire roof may need to be replaced. It is always worth it to get a thorough inspection of a damaged roof, but don’t hesitate too long before hiring a contractor to begin repairs.

The longer you wait, the greater the damage from water or local wildlife could be. An exposed roof is also an exposed home, so don’t let your family be threatened by the elements due to a damaged roof.

Light hail damage often knocks shingles loose or shatters brittle materials. For these cases, simple repairs can be preformed. A roofing specialist will be able to quickly and efficiently get the job done. The simpler the job, the less time it will take to complete. Be sure to get an estimate on how long the roofer will take.

If the job is particularly big, try and get a contract stipulating an end date for the project put into writing. It could save you frustration further down the road and is generally considered a wise decision regardless.

When the skies open it up and bring difficulties, don’t panic. Roofing hail damage can be a major issue, but by hiring a skilled roofer you can minimize the damage and return to your normal routine.

Roofing Hail Damage and Roof Replacement

It can even be the perfect excuse to replace a roof you have been neglecting for months or years. Be prepared and don’t get in touch with an Atlanta roofer right away and you’ll have no problem dealing with roofing hail damage.

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Atlanta Roofing Information

atlanta roofing informationAtlanta Roofing Information

Terminology and Techniques from a Quality Atlanta Roofing Company.

When in the market for a new roof, first you need some handy atlanta roofing information to help you determine what type of roof you need in Atlanta. Atlanta Roofing Guide, a  top Atlanta Roofing company , can help you decide between different types of shingles, shakes, or other roofing materials.

Becoming an informed consumer is the first step in choosing a roof from this top Atlanta roofing company. Be sure to call  770-406-7949 or CLICK HERE to receive atlanta roofing information with a Free Roof Inspection from Atlanta Roofing Guide!

Atlanta Roofing Information

Roofing Types

Asphalt Shingles: Popular in Atlanta roofing, asphalt shingles come in standard and designer varieties, and hold up well against fire and wind. Standard roofing shingles offer a flat, lightly-textured surface, while designer roofing shingles have a more textured surface. About 80% of the residential Atlanta roofing comes from asphalt shingle roofing.

Wood Shingles & Shakes: Less popular in Atlanta roofing, wood shingles and shakes come from different types of wood. Popular mostly in California and the Midwest, wood shingles give a rougher, more natural look. Any concern about fire resistance would put up a red flag when it comes to wood shingles in Georgia.

Tile: Very popular in Spanish-style homes, tile shingles are a roofing material made from clay or concrete. Very durable and stylish, tile shingles are more popular in Florida and the Southwest, rather than in Atlanta Roofing.

Slate: The most indestructible roofing material, slate is much more expensive than other roofing materials.

Metal: A great alternative to roofing shingles for homeowners with steep roofs, metal roofs come in panels or shingles. Metal roofing materials typically imitate the look of traditional roofing materials, like asphalt shingles or wood shingles. This type of roofing material is lightweight and stands up well to adverse weather conditions.

Atlanta Roofing Information

Roofs in Danger

Knowing the basics of roof maintenance will help you when selecting a roofing material, and when facing roof upkeep. Mother Nature plays a huge role in affecting atlanta roofing information materials and the state of roofing in Atlanta and abroad.

Sun, wind, rain, snow, ice, and condensation can all attribute to roof deterioriation in Atlanta. Moss, algae, trees, and leaves also affect the performance of a roof. Roof maintenance is the easiest way to avoid the pitfalls of deteriorating shingles.

Along with nature issues, Atlanta roofing can also be affected by torn or missing shingles, and flashing deterioration. Having a professional from Atlanta Roofing Guide, an Atlanta roofing company, can help you keep the highest quality roof over your head.

Be sure to call  770-406-7949 or CLICK HERE to receive valuable atlanta roofing information with a Free Roof Inspection from Atlanta Roofing Guide

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FREE Roof Inspection


Atlanta Roofing Guide can ensure that your roof is eligible for a claim before you call your insurance company.

For a FREE, NO Obligation
20-Point Roof Inspection

Call:Bill Jordan


Fill out the form below.

20 Point Free Roof Inspection:

1. Measure for and calculate for proper attic ventilation.

2. Inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal.

3. Inspect all valleys for cracks and deterioration.

4. Inspect roof for missing shingle granules.

5. Check gutters, and downspouts for blockage.

6. Inspect fasten method used from original installation.

7. Inspect flashings at all walls.

8. Check for loose shingles.

9. Inspect all pipe flashings for cracks.

10. Inspect all rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot.

11. Check to see if shingles are brittle, curled or deteriorated.

12. Check all skylight and/or chimney flashings for proper installation and seal.

13. Check the condition of the actual skylights and/or chimney units.

14. Check for soft spots on the roof. (May indicate dry/wet rot)

15. Check in attic space for type of sheeting and condition.

16. Check insulation as well for condition and moisture.

17. Inspect seals on shingle to help prevent wind damage.

18. Inspect attic intake vents for blockage.

19. Inspect for proper shingle overhang at gutters and eves.

20. Check for proper underlayment. (IE. Felt paper)

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Signs of Roofing Damage

Signs of Roofing Damage

As a roof starts to age, you may find you have one or more of the following common signs of roofing damage. This may mean it is time to start the process of finding a local qualified roofer like Atlanta Roofing Guide.

Signs of roofing damage

Ceiling Spots Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by leaks in roof
  • Check attic or crawlspace for leaks in deck
  • Check chimney and vents for cracks in flashing
  • Check rafters for leaks that travel away from original source
  • Check roof for damaged shingles

Damaged Flashing Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by improper installation
  • Signs of Roofing Damage Caused by drying and cracking
  • Can usually be repaired without replacing roof

Missing Shingles Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by improper fastening
  • Caused by exposure to high winds
  • Can usually be replaced individually

Buckling & Curling Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by improperly applied felt (buckling)
  • Caused by movement in deck (buckling)
  • Caused by undersaturation of felt in organic-based shingles (curling)

Blistering Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by moisture in shingles
  • Caused by excessive use of asphalt plastic cement

Algae Growth Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by growth of airborne algae deposited on roof
  • Unsightly appearance does not affect the service life of the material
  • Common problem in warm, humid climates
  • Algae resistant shingles available regionally

Missing Granules Signs of roofing damage

  • On newly applied shingles, a certain number of loose granules is normal
  • On aging shingles, missing granules indicate need for replacement

Rotting Signs of roofing damage

  • Caused by absorption of moisture by mat at the core of the shingle
  • Common problem with organic-based shingles

 More Signs of Roofing Damage

Signs of roofing damage

Roof damage and possible leakage due to satellite mount.


Signs of roofing damage




Architectural shingles
slipping due to improper nail placement, allowing leakage.


Signs of roofing damage

Shingle damage caused by installation of gutter leaf guard.


Signs of roofing damage Metal ridge vent, susceptible to lifting off of ridge by wind gusts, permitting leaks.



Signs of roofing damage Gutter improperly installed, permitting water to flow over and damage shingles.


Signs of roofing damage Chimney without cricket or saddle (wood-framed structure that diverts water away and prevents debris and water collection).



Signs of roofing damage

Deteriorating plumbing boot



Signs of roofing damage

Tree branches touching shingle surfaces; permitting abrading of granules from shingle material and allowing deterioration.


Signs of roofing damage Deteriorating heat vent


Signs of roofing damage Hail damage on roof vent.

Signs of Roofing Damage

All of these common signs of roofing damage ca be prevented







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Roofing Products

Roofing Products

We use only top quality roofing products and materials on our jobs. You can choose from 3-tab or architectural shingles. Here are a few of the manufacturers that we install.

roofing products

Atlas Roofing Products. More Info…

roofing products

Certainteed products. More Info…

roofing products

Owens Corning products. More Info…

roofing products

Gaf Roofing Products. More Info…

roofing products

Timberline Series is the 30 year Architectural shingle. Get More Info…

roofing products

Royal Sovereign is the 25 year 3-tab shingle. Get More Info…


Roofing Products

Quality Roofing Products enhance the beauty of you home.

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Atlanta Roofing Referral Program

Atlanta Roofing Guide will pay you a $100 check as a referral fee for each lead that you send us that results in a closed roofing contract sale.

This program is available to anyone including existing and prior customers. There is no limit to the number of referral fees that you can get.

For more information, call:

Bill Jordan

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FREE Insurance Claims Assistance

FREE Insurance Claims Assistance

Atlanta Roofing Guide is an Atlanta roofing specialist and a leading authority on wind damage, hail damage and all storm related damages.

Insurance claims due to storm damage are our specialty. Atlanta Roofing Guide has partnered with Licensed Insurance Adjusters to help you get the money you deserve from your insurance company.

We offer homeowners like you Free Insurance Claims Management and Assistance to take all of the headaches and hassles out of dealing with your insurance company.

Here’s what you can expect when you have Atlanta Roofing Guide replace your roof:

=> Free Insurance Claim Management Services

=> Partnered with Licensed Insurance Adjusters

=> Insurance Claim Specialist

=> Straight Forward & Stress Free

=> Complimentary Roof Analysis Prior to Filing a Claim

=> Avoid Claim Denials and Mistakes

=> Maximize Your Insurance Claim

=> Agreed Pricing with all Insurance Companies

=> Free Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Do I have to pay Atlanta Roofing Guide for your claims assistance?

A: NO! We will assist you with your claim from start to finish, at no cost to you! Our claim management program is a complimentary service we provide to all of our customers.

As your personal Roofing Consultants and Insurance Claim Specialists, we will make sure that you are taken care of from the beginning of your claim process all the way to the finish line.

Here at Atlanta Roofing Guide, the licensed insurance adjusters on our staff will work directly with your insurance company to make the claims process straightforward and stress free. We work for YOU!

Q: Should I call my insurance company before I call a roofing company?

A: Usually not. In most cases it is best to have us first and have our trained professionals do a complete FREE Roof inspection of your home. We can ensure the roof is eligible for a claim before you call your insurance company. If there is storm damage, we will also be happy to attend the initial inspection with your claims adjuster. This will assure that the claim is handled properly from the beginning.

If your insurance claim is handled properly, it WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

At Atlanta Roofing Guide , we have extensive experience dealing with national insurance companies and successfully working with insurance claims.

We have developed a system which will relieve you from the burden and the distractions.

We work with your insurance company and adjuster to settle your insurance claims as quickly and equitably as possible. It is important that you maximize your claim and receive payment for all the damages that your policy provides coverage.

All of our customers can benefit from our complimentary claims management program.

This program allows our customers to be involved in the claims process as little or as much as you like. We will handle the claim from start to finish, or simply be a consultant which you can benefit from.

We guarantee to install your new roof per insurance company pricing and manufacturers specifications. In many cases, you may benefit from free upgrades without spending any additional money out of pocket. In other words, in many cases we will install and upgraded roof for the insurance company allowance at no additional charge to our customers!

The claims process should be stress free. If your insurance claim is not handled properly, your claim could be partially or completely denied. Some homeowners have unknowingly and unnecessarily ended up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. It is not desirable to only replace a portion of your roof.

Q: What if my Atlanta Roofing Guide estimate is higher than the insurance company estimate or allowance?

A: While this rarely happens, if it does, we have agreed pricing with all of the insurance companies.

Q: Can I get my depreciation back?

A: In most cases, yes. Usually, residential policy claims have recoverable depreciation which is initially withheld. Unfortunately, many homeowners never have the “insurance claims process” explained to them and as a result, they could miss out of thousands of dollars of their claim.

After the work is completed, we will help you work with your insurance company. We will properly provide them with all the necessary paperwork which will allow you to receive the recoverable depreciation.

There are many small details and variables which apply to each specific claim.

Call Atlanta Roofing Guide today and we’ll make sure that you understand the insurance claim process in detail before you call your insurance company.

Contact your Insurance Company


Bill Jordan (770)-406-7949

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Storm Damage Restoration Services

Complete Exterior Reconstruction – Atlanta Roofing Guide Can Do It All






-Window Screens


-Storm Doors

-Decks – Rebuild & Staining

-Residential Roof Inspections

-Commercial Roof Inspections

Complete Interior Reconstruction – Atlanta Roofing Guide Can Do It All

-Drywall Replacement


-Floor Replacement


-Interior Doors




Whatever damage you have to your roof and/or home due to hail damage or storm damage of any kind whatsoever, Atlanta Roofing Guide can help.

Call:Bill Jordan (770)-406-7949

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